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  COOL CLEVELAND THEATER REVIEW: “Babes in Arms” @ Ohio Light Opera When the cat’s away, the mice will play. It works the same way if you substitute “parents” for cats, and “kids” for mice, especially in the 1937 Rodgers and Hart musical Babes in Arms. It is the second presentation in the 40th anniversary season of Ohio Light Opera in Wooster. Set in the early 1930s during the Depression, parents who were vaudeville stars set out on tour to earn some money to live on. They leave various teen-aged kids behind in Seaport, Long Island — so what would be the most logical thing for them to do? Why, put on a show. What else would they do with all that time?  Read more.


  COOL CLEVELAND THEATER REVIEW: “The Pajama Game” @ Ohio Light Opera In the mid-1950s, a dispute between labor and management was always serious. Thank goodness for this exception. Based on a book titled 7½ Cents by Richard Bissell, the story became an award winning musical comedy that is entirely plausible and realistic some 60+ years later.  Read more.


  COOL CLEVELAND THEATER REVIEW: “Fifty Million Frenchmen” @ Ohio Light Opera If you were the parents of a gorgeous, talented daughter and you wanted her to marry a Grand Duke, of course you’d take her to Paris in order to find this gem. Especially if it was 1929. But as that old saying has it about horses and water, getting the daughter to even look for said Grand Duke isn’t exactly automatic. Especially if she’s already fallen in love with a handsome young man who is not any kind of a Duke — Grand or otherwise.  Read more.

Ohio Light Opera in Wooster Opens Its 40th Season

  Ohio Light Opera is entirely full of surprises this season, starting with the biggest one — its actual existence. Who would have thought, some forty-plus years ago, that a totally professional opera company devoted to mostly-imported operetta and the Golden Age of Broadway lyric theater could have been located in the small college town of Wooster, Ohio, much less still be flourishing 40 years later? It boggles the mind. But yet, here we are, days away from opening night of the 2018 season, which celebrates the 40th consecutive season of dazzling musical theater. Read more.

Ohio Light Opera opens 40th season Saturday

  WOOSTER — Every summer for four decades, people from across the country — and, in fact, the world — have traveled to Wooster in search of a musical treat that is literally found nowhere else. And as other music and theater companies have come and gone, the Ohio Light Opera has done what many others could not. It survived. Read more.