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Arizona Lady

Original German Libretto by Alfred Grünwald and Gustav Beer
English Translation by Steven A. Daigle
Music by Emmerich Kálmán

A singing cowboy … the Kentucky Derby … an Arizona ranch … a border dispute … a jealous sheriff. Hardly what you would expect from an Emmerich Kálmán operetta! His final stage work, which he did not live to see, was an homage to the country that had warmly embraced his music—on stage and on radio—for almost half a century and which welcomed him when he was driven out of Vienna. The plot centers on Hungarian ranch owner Lona Farrell, who has fired her overly brazen manager and is now left with no one to ride her racehorse, Arizona Lady. When guitar-slinging cowboy Roy Dexter shows up, she hires and takes a liking to him, but has second thoughts when she overhears him speaking of subservience, not realizing that he was talking to the horse (or was he?). Complications arise when a wealthy and jealous neighbor sabotages the big race. As OLO audiences have discovered in 13 previous Kalman shows, the composer can do no wrong! Lavished with his predictable Viennese and Hungarian musical palette, but with a strong hint of the American West, Arizona Lady rides again!


July 6, 9, 14, 20, 27

2023 Arizona Lady show art